What makes us the best Florida Public Adjusters?

We know what it takes to recover the maximum settlement for your loss. Greg Roover, licensed Florida Public Adjuster and President of Claim Concepts began his career working for the same insurance companies he now goes up against. Based on this past experience as well as being a licensed Home Inspector and Mold Assessor, he knows how to properly investigate, estimate and ultimately recover the maximum claim settlement for even the most complex of insurance claims.

Why should you hire a Florida Public Adjuster?

As Florida Public Adjusters we are the ONLY adjusters exclusively licensed to represent the interests of the Policyholder. We work for you, not the insurance company. Our Public Adjusters are Insurance Claim Experts that know how to properly present your loss in an effort to recover the maximum settlement for your insurance claim. There are no upfront costs for our services as we work on a contingency fee and therefore only get paid when you get paid.

State Study Proves Florida Public Adjusters Benefit Policyholders

The Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA) an office of the Florida Legislature performed a study on Florida Public Adjusters. In this study they evaluated claims filed with Citizens from March 2008 to June 2009. The results were astounding. In regards to hurricane related claims, they found that policyholders that utilized the services of a Florida Public Adjuster recovered an average of 747% more than those without a public adjuster in Florida. Furthermore, they found that for daily claims such as water and fire damage claims, policyholders that utilized the services of a licensed Public Adjuster in Florida recovered an average of 574% more than those that were not represented or were represented by someone other than a public adjuster. These results speak for themselves. Don’t allow the insurance company and their adjusters to dictate the outcome of your claim, we are here to help!

FL Smoke Damage Claim

Insurance Claims for Smoke Damage require an experienced professional to properly assess as much of the damages are hidden. As Licensed Florida Public Adjusters, we know how to evaluate and document your smoke damage claim to ensure you recover the proper & maximum settlement for your claim. Call today and speak with a licensed Florida Public Adjuster about your claim.


FL Fire Damage Claims

Insurance Claims for Fire Damage are always complex as the damages go far beyond what is visible to the untrained eye. Our Florida Public Adjusters know how to properly investigate, estimate and ultimately recover the maximum settlement for your Florida Fire Damage Claim. Don’t settle for less than you rightfully deserve, call and speak with a Florida Public Adjuster today.


FL Water Damage Claims

Insurance Claims for Water Damage are the most common of claims that our Public Adjusters in Florida handle. As Florida Public Adjusters we have extensive knowledge of how water can damage your property and know how to properly document and present these claims in order to recover the maximum settlement available under the policy. We utilize technology that allows our Public Adjusters to see what the other adjusters miss.


FL Mold Damage Claims

Insurance Claims for Mold Damage are complex in nature as most policies both exclude and add back Mold coverage as an endorsement. How these claims are presented could easily mean the difference of being paid fairly or having your claim denied or severely underpaid. Aside from being a Florida Public Adjuster, the owner of Claim Concepts is also a Florida Licensed Mold Assessor which is instrumental in recovering the maximum settlement for Mold Damage Claims.