2 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Irma – What You Need To Know

Hurricane Irma was one of the most widespread disasters that we have seen in Florida.  Our firm alone assisted policyholders with claims from as far south as Key West all the way up through Central and Northern Florida…this was a beast of a storm that affected numerous home and business owners.

We are still assisting many policyholders that are disputing claims that they feel were underpaid as well as many that are just now realizing that they had damages which were unknown to them until now.  With today marking the 2 year anniversary of this beast of a storm, there are deadlines approaching that all business and homeowners should be aware of, whether you filed a claim yet or not.  Below is an excerpt from a policy that you should be aware of as with past Hurricanes you likely had 5 years and now, it has been reduced to 3 years as follows…

  A claim, supplemental claim, or
reopened claim for loss or damage

caused by the peril of windstorm or
hurricane is barred unless notice of
the claim, supplemental claim, or
reopened claim is given to us in
accordance with the terms of the
policy within 3 years after the
hurricane first made landfall or the
windstorm caused the covered
damage. For purposes of this
section, the term “supplemental
claim” or “reopened claim” means
any additional claim for losses from
the same hurricane or windstorm
which we have previously adjusted
pursuant to the initial claim;

Damage to roofs is not always visible from the ground, especially when dealing with tile roofs.  Based on what we have seen, a very high percentage of tile roofs throughout southern and central Florida were compromised.  The time to have your roof inspected by a qualified professional is now.