3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Florida Public Adjuster 

This may seem obvious, but you need to be sure that you’re working with a licensed Florida Public Adjuster as there are others who may pitch similar services when, in reality, they are roofers, contractors, or unlicensed individuals who refer to themselves as Claim Consultants. In Florida and in most states, aside from attorneys, only a licensed Public Adjuster is permitted to negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of the policyholder. 

The license ensures that the professional has completed the appropriate steps required by law and is qualified to handle your claim legally.

Additionally, be sure that the professional is licensed in Florida as a Public Adjuster, as licensees from other states or licensed Independent Adjusters (IA’s are licensed to work for numerous insurance companies as opposed to staff adjusters who can only work for one) will not qualify.

Are you a licensed Florida Public Adjuster?

This one is important. Even though a Florida Public Adjuster is licensed, they still need to improve at what they do. In this industry, experience goes a long way. A more experienced public adjuster will have more in-depth knowledge of the claims process and will know how to handle the negotiation more effectively. Additionally, an industry veteran will also have more experience dealing with numerous Insurance Companies throughout Florida, which is instrumental as each of these companies have different policies and claims handling practices.  Understanding these differences and how to navigate the claim process with your insurance company effectively can make all the difference in your final settlement. 

A less experienced Florida Public Adjusting firm could make mistakes that result in:

  • Slower claims process
  • Inaccurate damage estimates 
  • Insurance payouts that are less than what you deserve 
  • A denied claim due to a failure to comply with your Post Loss obligations as outlined in your policy. 


Checking experience is especially important if you search for a public adjuster online. For example, if you are Googling “public insurance adjuster Florida,” be sure to look for signs of experience on their website as well as the actual name(s) of the Public Adjusters that work for the firm, you can then look up their license to at least see how long they have been licensed to practice in Florida. And when in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask.

How much experience do you have as a Florida Public Adjuster?

Hiring a public adjuster is often a great decision to ensure you can recover the full and proper settlement for your insurance claim. But since not every Florida Public Adjuster operates the same way, it’s important to compare your options carefully.

When choosing any insurance professional, you want to be sure you select the right fit for your needs. While adjusting a claim may be similar no matter which professional you choose, you may find that the actual service, attention, and results you receive from a Florida Public Adjuster can vary greatly depending on which Florida Public Adjusting Firm you choose. 

The good news is that you can easily narrow your options by asking a few simple questions before selecting your Florida Public Adjuster.

Here’s what we recommend you ask before choosing your Public Adjuster:

Did you know?

At Claim Concepts, every licensed public adjuster on our team has extensive experience in Florida Public Adjusting – for a combined 40+ years of experience in the claims industry. Not only that, our team members have experience working “on the other side” for the big insurance companies, we know the tactics they use that may limit your payout and/or delay the proper settlement of your claim.  Working with our team, you can rest assured that we know how to properly investigate, estimate, and ultimately recover the settlement you deserve for even the most complex residential or commercial claims.

What results have you produced for other clients?

Licensing is a must. Experience is even better. Most importantly, a reputable Florida Public Adjuster will have a track record of producing positive results for their clients.

When searching for “Public Insurance Adjuster Florida,” you may find a list of happy clients’ positive feedback on the Public Adjusters’ websites. The question is, who wrote that feedback? In today’s world, people will leave authentic reviews on Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, etc. That should be a warning sign if you only see testimonials on the website but nowhere else.  

Be wary of working with any Florida Public Adjuster who cannot provide any information from past clients regarding their experience working with their Public Adjuster Firm.

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At Claim Concepts, Eric and Greg embody the epitome of professional excellence, seamlessly intertwined with a profound personal commitment and a fiery passion that sets them apart. Their unique journeys reflect our company’s commitment to defining, genuinely understanding, and advocating for our clients. With Claim Concepts, you’re hiring experts and gaining partners who will tirelessly ensure your rights and interests are protected and fairly served.

Greg Roover

Greg Roover - Owner and Public Adjuster at Claim Concepts: Leading the Way in Insurance Claims Assistance
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Inspired by Personal Experience

Greg’s path to becoming a Public Adjuster was deeply personal. The Northridge Earthquake was a turning point, where his family’s experience with a public adjuster opened his eyes to the profound impact of this role. Greg embarked on a strategic career journey, motivated by a desire to help others as his family was helped. He honed his skills working for prominent insurance companies as an independent insurance adjuster and NFIP-certified flood adjuster. 

In 2008, Greg’s vision came to fruition with the founding of Claim Concepts. His insider knowledge, gained from years within the industry, and his passion for aiding others have been instrumental in the company’s success. Greg’s expertise is not just in his impressive resume but in the countless testimonials from those he has aided, reflecting his dedication to securing the rightful settlements for our clients.

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Eric’s journey in the insurance world began in 1989, marking the start of a career defined by expertise and dedication. Fresh out of college, he jumped into the role of an independent adjuster, swiftly advancing to a general adjuster position at a major firm. There, Eric specialized in complex homeowners and commercial property insurance claims, showcasing his skill in navigating intricate scenarios. 

In 2001, his career took a pivotal turn towards the construction aspect of insurance. As the General Manager for a renowned Insurance Restoration Contractor, Eric oversaw everything from estimating to maintaining vital relationships with insurance companies. His profound understanding of insurance and construction led him to Claim Concepts, where he now thrives as a Public Adjuster. His unparalleled insight has been crucial in ensuring that our clients receive the settlements they genuinely deserve

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Our team of experienced insurance professionals has developed a proactive claim management strategy & process to help you receive the proper settlement that you need and deserve. We understand that proving your claim can be a daunting and time-consuming, and we are here to alleviate that burden for you. Our goal is to make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible for you while ensuring that you recover the full and proper settlement for your loss.

STEP 1 - Complimentary Consultation

We invite you to speak with one of our professional Public Insurance Adjusters about your situation. Our team will carefully review your policy, claim-related documents, and the extent of your damages. Based on our thorough evaluation, we will then offer our professional opinion on the best course of action for your specific circumstances.

STEP 2 - We Go To Work On Your Behalf

Our team of experienced public adjusters is dedicated to thoroughly documenting every aspect of your claim. We understand the importance of utilizing advanced technologies, such as 360 photography, thermal imaging, and moisture detection equipment, to fully capture all damages. This meticulous process ensures that we have a comprehensive record of all losses incurred. We will then prepare a detailed estimate, utilizing industry-standard estimating software, and assist you in creating an inventory of damaged personal property.

STEP 3 - Path Toward Settlement

Upon your approval, we will submit the estimate along with any supporting documentation to the insurance company on your behalf.  We will always protect your interests and ensure that you comply with all of your post-loss obligations provided within the policy.

STEP 4 - Settlement

We will keep you in the loop and present any offers made by the insurance company.  We will only accept settlement offers with your approval. 


Peace of mind! We are here to represent you and your interest in the claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies often times deny claims that should be paid or do not pay enough money on a covered claim. This is not always the case and even when it is it may not be intentional. I know that most adjusters have the best of intentions but sometimes they may be inexperienced or simply trained to see things one way, the way the big insurance company wants it to be seen. As Public Adjusters our number one job is to get you the largest settlement available to you under your policy with the insurance company.

NO. By state law we as Public Adjusters are not allowed to represent the insurance companies. We can only represent the insuring public.

The public adjuster is employed by you, the insured. Their function is to represent your interests and ensure that you recover the proper settlement for all of your losses per the terms of your insurance policy. The insurance company’s adjuster works for the insurance company and is responsible to protect their interests throughout the claim.

Public Adjusters typically work on a contingency basis which equals a small percentage of any money recovered by the insurance company.

NO! This is NOT required under any policy that I have seen to date and I do not recommend it.  In the event of a loss it is best to employ a Reputable Public Adjuster that knows what the policy will cover and what it takes to get your property back to its pre-loss condition. Many contractors will provide you with a competitive bid to make repairs but not necessarily get your property back to its pre-loss condition.

No.   In most cases we can reopen your file with a supplemental claim. There are many factors involved. Give us a call and we will be happy to offer you a free claim consultation.

Not necessarily.  It is not recommended to file a claim every time you spill a glass of water as you may become classified as a nuisance claim maker. Property insurance is typically rated based on your area which is why all homeowner rates increased in Florida after the hurricanes, whether you filed a claim or not. The risk is more related to the area where your property is located and in commercial situations the use of the property.  However, it is known that there are databases where claim activity is logged and each insurance company may have their own stipulations based on claim activity of the individual or the property.  Ultimately, you buy insurance to protect you in the time of a loss.  If you are debating whether you should file a claim or not, please feel free to call and speak with one of our Public Adjusters about your particular situation, we are always happy to help.

Do not do anything before having a qualified Public Adjuster or Attorney take a look at your file. Depending on the way everything is written you may be agreeing to their offer by depositing the check. We do not charge anything to come out and evaluate your particular situation.