Boat Claim Delayed, Denied, or Underpaid?

Living and working in Southeast Florida, the boating capital of the world, we have been hearing from more and more insureds with claims on their boats.  We have noticed a trend of these claims being delayed, denied, or drastically underpaid for various reasons.  Speaking with several boat mechanics in the area, it appears we are not the only ones noticing this trend.  Often times the mechanics will tell me stories about the “good old days” and how much it has changed for them when dealing with the insurance companies in regards to boat damage claims.

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boat damage claims private adjuster snaps picture of a boat stuck on top of rocks in the waves
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Your insurance policy does have several conditions and exclusions that they can try to apply to your claim, and unfortunately, most people accept what the company tells them and walks away.  The problem is many times these conditions and exclusions are presented out of context and they are not showing you the whole picture and how they should apply to your boat damage claim.  We see many insurance companies handling claims in a manner that differs from what the policy states.  When you buy the insurance you are, in fact, purchasing an agreement, both sides have responsibilities.  You pay your premiums, and in turn, when you suffer a covered loss, they should pay your claim within the guidelines of what the policy states.

Tip from Public Adjusters at Claim Concepts when dealing with a Boat Damage Claim:

In the event that you have a boat claim whether it be from a crash, taking on water, sinking, or grounding, be very careful how you present the claim from the onset.  Keep in mind that in order for a claim to be covered, it does need to be ‘Sudden & Accidental’.  If you have or have had a boat claim that was denied or underpaid, give us a call, as our passion is to relentlessly fight to get our clients paid every last dollar they deserve for their loss.

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