Georgia Public Adjusters Help with Claims due to Tree on Structure

Georgia is a beautiful place to live and visit, but it also brings the risk of powerful storms and tree-related damages. When these events occur, navigating the insurance claims process can be overwhelming. That’s where Claim Concepts and their team of  Georgia Public Adjusters step in to provide homeowners and business owners with expert claims […]

Fort Lauderdale Flood Claim Assistance

On April 12th, 2023, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities in Broward County experienced one of the worst flooding events in history, a true 1 in 1000 year event. The flooding caused extensive damage to cars, homes and businesses throughout the city and surrounding areas, leaving many feeling helpless and overwhelmed.  This is where having a […]

Florida Public Adjuster help with Avatar Claims

Do you need help with an Avatar Claim? Our team of licensed Florida Public Adjusters have been receiving several calls from understandably concerned Avatar policyholders.  As you likely already know, Avatar Property & Casualty Insurance Company has been ordered into liquidation.  Due to this order, the Florida Insurance Guarantee Association (FIGA) has been activated to […]

Insurance Claim Underpaid? Here’s How a Private Adjuster Can Help

Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster (sometimes referred to as a Private Adjuster) can be a smart move whenever you feel an insurance claim has been underpaid or outright denied. It happens more often than you might think, and we completely understand how policyholders can feel helpless about filing an insurance claim and confused about all […]

Looking for a ‘Public Adjuster Near Me?’ We Serve All of Florida!

I want to speak with a Public Adjuster Near Me ASAP! At Claim Concepts, our clients across Florida often find us by searching in Google for “Public Adjuster near me” or “Public Insurance Adjuster near me.” However, it’s a common mistake to assume that your adjuster needs to be located in your hometown to receive […]

Hurricane Irma Claim Deadline 9/10/2020

Hurricane Irma Claim Deadline is Fast Approaching as we near the 3-year Anniversary. Hurricane Irma was one of the most widespread disasters that we have seen in Florida.  Our firm alone assisted policyholders with claims from as far south as Key West all the way up through Northern Florida and everywhere in between…this was a […]

2 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Irma – What You Need To Know

Hurricane Irma was one of the most widespread disasters that we have seen in Florida.  Our firm alone assisted policyholders with claims from as far south as Key West all the way up through Central and Northern Florida…this was a beast of a storm that affected numerous home and business owners. We are still assisting […]

Getting Ready for a Hurricane Dorian Claim

I am not going to tell you what you need to have in your home before the hurricane as you can get that information everywhere and anywhere. What I am going to share are 4 practices that we wish every one of our clients would do.  I can assure you that following these 4 simple […]

7 Tips To Help Get Your Mortgage Company To Endorse Your Claim Check

If the title of this post caught your interest, you are likely a step ahead of many of your neighbors that are still waiting for any kind of response from their insurance company.  Upon receiving the insurance claim settlement check, you will likely find that they included your Mortgage Company as a payee on the […]

Public Adjuster in Florida

Free Consultation with a Florida Public Adjuster Have you suffered Property Damage to your Home, Business or Boat? Upon filing an Insurance Claim for damages to your property, the insurance company is going to send out their adjusters or experts that they pay, train and manage to investigate and estimate the damages on their behalf.  […]