Sebring Hail Damage Claim Denied, Delayed or Underpaid?

How can a Highlands County Public Adjuster help with your Hail Claim in Sebring or Avon Park?

The only professionals that are properly licensed and qualified to help with a hail claim in Sebring or Avon Park are licensed Florida Public Adjusters.  However, just because a Public Adjuster is licensed, does not mean they are qualified to help with your claim.  As damaging hail is not very common in Florida, not all Adjusters have the necessary experience and skillset to properly adjust these losses.   

If you are looking for a Seasoned Public Adjuster in Highlands County with the proper experience to help with your hail damage claim, you are in the right place.  Our team of Florida Public Adjusters include Former Insurance Company Adjusters & Restoration Contractors with decades of experience in the claims industry.  Greg Roover, the owner of Claim Concepts, began his adjusting career as a “Cat Adjuster” where he was deployed to areas throughout the U.S. that experienced catastrophic hail and/or wind damages.  Relying on our vast experience, we have been able to consistently recover settlements that exceed our clients expectations since 2008.  

Our Team of Highlands County Public Adjusters are ready to jump in and help with your Hail Damage Claim in Sebring or Avon Park.

After most hail storms or other severe weather events, the streets and mailboxes will be filled with roofers and other contractors soliciting the victims, typically stating that they will handle everything…including the claim.  They will typically offer a “Free Roof” or something along those lines.  BE CAREFUL!  These roofers and contractors are referred to as Storm Chasers and this practice of soliciting neighborhoods is what the insurance companies are blaming their recent rate hikes on.  Furthermore, the only people that can legally represent your interests throughout the claim process are Public Adjusters or Attorneys, anyone else offering to provide these services are likely in violation of the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting or Unauthorized Practice of Law.

CAUTION: Reputable local roofers will not need to canvass neighborhoods after a storm looking for work.  They will be inundated with calls for help from their happy clients.

These Storm Chasers will typically have contracts with an “Assignment of Benefits” clause.  Be very careful, as you will likely be handing over complete control of your claim, we recommend having an attorney review these contracts before signing them.  These contracts even give the contractor the right to sue your insurance company as if they were you, the policyholder, without even notifying you!  We have received calls from policyholders that only learn of their pending litigation after we are able to locate their lawsuit online through public records.  These contracts can be very dangerous and the only entity that typically benefits from these contracts are the roofers or the contractors that convinced you to sign it.

How do you know if you should file a Sebring Hail Claim?

If you live in or visit Florida often, you understand that the hail storms like the one that hit Sebring on April 4th, 2022, do not happen very often.  Most hail storms in Florida involve hail that is no larger than a nickel and does not cause any widespread damage.  The storm on April 4th of 2022 involved hail stones up to 2″ in diameter, to put this in perspective, a golf ball is only 1.68″ in diameter.  The hail was seen throughout Highlands County with numerous reports coming in from Sebring, and Avon Park areas.  This size hail is big enough to cause substantial damage, but small enough that Adjusters lacking in experience could easily inspect a property without fully identifying the extent of the damages.  Here are a few tell tale signs that you may want to either file a claim with your insurance company or at least engage the services of a professional to further investigate your property for Hail Damage.

  • You have seen several postcards from Roofers & Contractors in your mailbox and throughout the neighborhood knocking on doors.
  • You have seen neighbors installing or repairing their roofs in your neighborhood.
  • You have noticed damage to soft metal items such as Gutters, A/C Units, Roof Vents, Garage Doors, etc…
  • You can visibly see hail damage to your roof.

We are offering a Free Claim Consultation with a Highlands County Public Adjuster in the event that you wish to discuss your Sebring hail claim.  We are able to assist at any point throughout the claim process.  We are often involved from the moment the claim is filed, however, we also get hired after a claim is denied or underpaid by the insurance company.  If you are questioning if you should file a hail damage claim or your claim was already denied, underpaid or you are currently dealing with an unreasonable adjuster, we can help!  Do not sit back and let the Insurance Company and their Adjusters dictate the outcome of your claim!  Call 561-250-8320 and find out more about how our team of seasoned Florida Public Adjusters can help with your Highlands County Hail Damage Claim in Sebring or Avon Park.

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