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Experiencing a fire damage claim at your home or business is a truly traumatic experience. Filing the insurance claim for fire damage should be as simple a phone call; however, it often turns into a stressful and complex process.  This is why it’s so important to hire a Licensed Public Adjuster (sometimes referred to as a “Private Adjuster”) as soon as possible when dealing with fire, smoke, and soot damage.

You already have enough to worry about after a fire: finding temporary housing, moving your family, replacing items that were destroyed and managing your busy schedules, while also wondering if life will ever return to normal. In worst-case scenarios, you could be dealing with injuries to loved ones. Even the smallest fires can be frightening experiences, made even more upsetting by the thought of dealing with the insurance company.

NOW is the time to call a Public Adjuster


A Public Adjuster can help to relieve some of your stress by managing the claims process and representing your interests to ensure you recover a full and proper settlement from the insurance company.

If you’ve been searching for a “public insurance adjuster near me” to help you with your fire damage claim, here are a few things you should know.

1) A Public Adjuster works for YOU, not the insurance company

This is an important fundamental point to understand, especially if you have never worked with a Private Adjuster in the past.

For any type of insurance claim, insurance companies will typically send their own insurance adjuster to assess the damages and submit the claim. This person works for the insurance company, not you. A Private Adjuster, on the other hand, works for YOU and thus represents YOUR interests and levels the playing field. 

2) Without a Public Adjuster in your corner, insurance companies could make you wait many months before allowing you to make repairs

Not long ago, insurance companies would dispatch their own adjuster and an emergency restoration crew within 48 hours after the fire. But not anymore. These days, homeowners are forced to wait months before receiving a claim settlement or being allowed to make repairs. That’s a huge problem, as we illustrate in no. 3 below.

With a Private Adjuster, you have someone on your side from the beginning. While fire claims can still take time, Claim Concepts will work quickly to ensure your claim is resolved as fast as possible. 

3) The full extent of fire and smoke damages is not always visible to the untrained eye

The smoke and  soot from a fire can have extreme acidity that increases property damage the longer it sits. A delayed cleaning could mean that hidden contaminants are left behind, causing health issues and re-emerging smells years after the fire if not properly addressed.

That is why it’s so important to perform cleanup and repairs quickly, and a Private Adjuster from Claim Concepts will work to speed up the claims process as much as possible, while also ensuring a more thorough documentation of damages, as we underscore in our next point. Keep in mind, the insurance company will typically advise you against doing any work to the property while they are investigating the loss, meaning that even if you wanted to pay for the cleaning yourself, they will likely forbid you from doing so.    

4) By hiring a Public Adjuster from Claim Concepts, you get access to a full team of experts

At Claim Concepts, we perform an extensive inspection of your fire damages and create a thorough report with the assistance of contractors, estimators, contents specialists and other experts as needed. 

Fire damage claims are often some of the most complex insurance claims, but by hiring a Public Adjuster with Claim Concepts, you can be sure that you have a team of professionals on your side to streamline the claims process from start to finish.

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