Insurance Claim Underpaid? Here’s How a Private Adjuster Can Help

Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster (sometimes referred to as a Private Adjuster) can be a smart move whenever you feel an insurance claim has been underpaid or outright denied.

It happens more often than you might think, and we completely understand how policyholders can feel helpless about filing an insurance claim and confused about all the steps involved.  

You may have even felt pressured by the process, accepting an insurance settlement that is less than what you expected. And maybe you assumed you had no other option than to accept the result – but in reality, you do. This is where a Private Adjuster can help.


What is a Private Adjuster?

A Private Adjuster is an insurance professional who serves as your ambassador and liaison in an insurance claim. These adjusters are also referred to as Public Insurance Adjusters.

These adjusters work in your interest and on your behalf, as opposed to the insurance company. By default, insurance companies use their own adjusters to handle a claim – but if there are errors during any part of the claims process, the policyholder doesn’t have anyone “on their side” to evaluate it. As a policyholder, you may need knowledgeable representation to get the claim settlement your policy allows for. A private adjuster can provide that representation. 

How a Private Insurance Adjuster Works for You

A private adjuster works with policyholders who may have had claims denied or feel they were underpaid – or those would prefer the peace of mind having a trained professional on their side from the beginning, so they can avoid common pitfalls. For homeowner’s insurance, these may be claims from damage due to a variety of events: storms, water, fire/smoke, hurricanes and so on. 

A private adjuster helps policyholders in several ways:

  • They help you receive full and fair compensation. A private adjuster works for you in helping you maximize your claim, seeking fair and full compensation for any damage that occurred. They will investigate the claim and document damage thoroughly. They will meticulously review your policy to verify coverage.
  • They relieve stress. Working with a private adjuster relieves the stress and aggravation of dealing directly with your insurance company on your own. Beyond handling the claim itself, a private adjuster will also meet with the insurance company if necessary and bring in their own experts if required, so that you can rest easy knowing that the entire process is being taken care for you.
  • A private adjuster will be by your side through the entire process. From start to finish, a private adjuster will be by your side. You can have confidence facing the insurance company with experienced and professional assistance by your side every step of the way.


Searching for ‘Private Adjuster Florida?’ Get the Assistance You Deserve

If you live in Florida, you may have searched Google for “private adjuster Florida” or even “private insurance adjuster near me.” But not all adjusters offer the same expertise or results. Finding a “private insurance adjuster near me” is easy when you have an adjuster that is not only licensed in Florida but also travels to any area of the state to provide the assistance you need.

At Claims Concepts, our experienced team of Licensed Public Adjusters are here to help. 


Claims Concepts: The Private Adjuster Florida Policyholders Trust 

No matter where you live in the Sunshine State – from the Panhandle to Key West, Jacksonville to Miami and Daytona Beach to Tampa – our professionals can assist you. 

We will review your policy and your claim, as well as the settlement offered by your insurance company. We will represent your interests in interactions with your insurance provider. 

If you feel your claim has been underpaid or you would prefer the peace of mind knowing you have a seasoned professional by your side from the beginning, contact our experts for a free claim review. Call Claims Concepts today at 800-801-2099.


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Owner of Claim Concepts

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