Report Indicates 66.9% Of Hurricane Michael Claims Have Been Closed –

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR) released their Hurricane Michael Claims data, you can review the report in its entirety here.  The report shows a total of 131,562 property claims were filed in Florida as a result of Hurricane Michael and that 66.9% of these claims have been closed as of December 7th, 2018.  The question that we have is, how exactly do they define ‘Closed’?  I suspect that the word closed on these claims simply means that they have issued a payment, as we have not heard of any policyholders that are in agreement that their claim is closed yet.  This data is based on reports from the insurance companies themselves and I suspect that the policyholders would answer that question much differently.  I would be surprised if any more than 5% of the Policyholders would agree that their claim is closed at this time.   

We have met with and are representing many victims of Hurricane Michael.  The insurance company claims estimates that we have reviewed to date have us very concerned.  Most of the estimates appear to have been written by adjusters that lack the necessary experience and/or skills to handle claims of this nature.  

As Public Adjusters, we understandably see the worst of the worst as people don’t often call us to rave about how great their insurance company was.  With that said, if you believe that your insurance company has paid your claim fairly, we want to hear your story and please mention which insurance company your claim was with as we are all going to be shopping soon.    

If you have received your estimate and have questions or concerns, we are happy to offer you a Complimentary Claim Consultation with a Licensed Public Adjuster where we will review your estimate and answer any questions you may have.

Complimentary Consultation with a Public Adjuster