Insurance Claim Stories from a Public Adjuster

Public Adjuster Claim Results

Don’t let the insurance company and their adjusters dictate the outcome of your claim!

Fire Damage Claim

Insurance Co. 1st offer $92,000

Settled for over $400,000

Increase of over $300,000.00 – over 4X the original offer!

Florida Storm Damage Claim

Insurance Co. 1st offer: $7,780.78

Final Settlement: $37,880.09

Increase: $30,099.31 or 486%

Florida Fire Damage Claim

Insurance Co 1st offer: $9,323.45

Final Settlement: $59,989.00

Increase: $50,665.00 or 642%

 Water / Mold claim

Before Claim Concepts: Approximately 1 year & $0.00 Paid

After Claim Concepts: $40,000.00

Another Happy Client!

Tropical Storm Damage Claim

Insurance Co 1st Offer: $4,686

Final Settlement: $28,795

Increase of: $24,109 or 614%

State Study Proves Value of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Florida Study Reveals that Policyholders represented by Public Adjusters during 2005 hurricane season recovered on average 747% more than those without.

Water & Mold Damage Claim

Insurance Co 1st offer was just under $48k

Final Settlement – over $200,000.00

Increase of Over $150,000 or 435% more than the original offer!

Insurance Co Defense Attorney Retains our Firm to Fight his claim

Offer Before Claim Concepts: $11,043.14

Claim Concepts settled it for: $25,570.53

Increase of: $14,527.39 or 231%

Water Damage Claim

Insurance Co. 1st Offer: $76,648.29

Final Settlement: $645,883.89

Increase of: $569,235.60 or a 742% I

We are very fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to assist these and each of our clients.  Check back soon as there are many more stories from our Public Adjusters that we will be sharing in the near future.

These are real results from real claims that our Public Adjusters have handled.  However, every claim is unique and there is no guarantee that the result in your claim will be the same or similar to the results in these claims.


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