Expert Assistance for Your Insurance Damage Claim Needs

As Public Adjusters, our #1 goal is to ensure that you recover the largest settlement available under your insurance policy for your covered insurance claim. Every insurance claim is unique and will be handled as such. However, we typically do everything from filing, compiling, and settling insurance claims. This will often include writing comprehensive damage estimates, inventorying personal property, meeting with and retaining experts when needed, filing all necessary paperwork, documenting your file, and meeting with Insurance Company Representatives.


Public adjusters assist with water, fire, storm and boat damage claims
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Professional Assistance for a Range of Insurance Damage Claims

Our Public Adjusters have helped Policyholders with all types of Insurance Damage Claims, including but not limited to:

Hurricane Damage: Expert Support for Catastrophic Claims
As we all know, Hurricanes are one of the worst natural catastrophes that can occur. The mass devastation that is caused by Hurricanes always creates chaos in the claims world. Insurance companies will scramble to get a team of adjusters to the location to handle the high volume of claims; unfortunately, due to the demand, there are many inexperienced adjusters working on these types of storms.

Sinkhole Damage: Guiding You Through Complex Claims
Sinkhole losses have been getting a lot of press lately as they are a recurring natural disaster that is simply caused by the land that we have built on in parts of Florida. Most people have seen photos of houses being swallowed up by the earth, those are sinkholes but by no means common sinkhole problems. Many sinkholes occur beneath the earth and, therefore, make it impossible to see.

Navigating Vandalism Damage Claims with Expertise
Vandalism Claim will leave you with more than a financial loss, they will leave you feeling very violated. The last thing you want is to fight with an adjuster about the contents you may have lost or the damage caused.

Specialized Help Water Damage Claims Insurance Claims
Water damage insurance claims can be much more complicated than they appear. There is a minefield of exclusions that can easily result in a complete claim denial if presented improperly to the insurance company.  If you have ever returned home to be greeted by water rushing under your door, you very quickly came to appreciate the enormously destructive power of something as simple as a toilet overflow, broken dishwasher hose, or burst pipe. Do you know what it will take to get your property back to the pre-loss condition after suffering a water loss? Did the water wick up your walls? That’s right, it can and does soak up into your drywall which can eventually lead to mold growth.

Fire Damage Claim: Addressing Visible and Hidden Damages
Fire damage insurance claims are by all means some of the most complicated claims. There are obvious visible damages, but ash, smoke, and water contamination are not simple to diagnose or treat effectively. You have to consider 5-10 years down the road, will the smell reemerge? Are there any contaminants that could be harmful to you and your family?

Expert Resolution of Lightning Damage Insurance Claim
Living in Florida, these are some of the most common claims we see. Lightning strikes are tricky claims to adjust, and most likely, what you can see is not what you got. Electricity has a funny way of breaking stuff! Many of our ‘normal’ storms here in Florida can produce intense winds with rain which can and does often cause damage resulting from water entering the home through windows or roofing leaks. Again, not all of the damage is always seen right away. In the event you suspect that you may have storm or lightning damage to your home, give us a call, and we will send one of our very experienced adjuster to evaluate your situation and recommend a course of action.

Theft Losses: Advocating for Your Financial Recovery
Theft and Vandalism losses will leave you with more than a financial loss, they will leave you feeling violated. The last thing you want is to fight with an adjuster about the contents you may have lost or the damage caused. Our job at Claim Concepts is to help people like you. Our passion and expertise is to put an accurate dollar value on your loss and relentlessly fight to recover it from your insurance company. We don’t work for the insurance company, we work directly for you with ONLY your interests in mind…let us fight for you!

Boat Damage Claim: Policy and Repairs
Boat Damage Claims can be very tricky to navigate through. Even if they don’t deny you right away you are going to be facing a claim that you most likely have no idea how to handle. The Policy has many exclusions, but it also has many ways to protect you and your property. Typically, you would take the boat to a Mechanic, and he will meet with the Insurance Company Adjuster; they love that. Mechanics look at simply how can they fix the problem and don’t know or care about the policy. As Public Adjusters, we look at the policy and see what you are entitled to, and work hand in hand with the mechanics in order to get your boat back to its pre-loss condition. Don’t get pushed around by the insurance company adjusters. We are here to fight for you!

Comprehensive Support for Various Insurance Damage Claims
Whatever the cause of your claim, contact us today for your free claim evaluation with a Licensed Florida Public Adjuster.  All of our fees are based on what we recover from the insurance company, therefore, we don’t get paid until and unless we get the insurance company to pay!