Florida Hail Damage Claim

How can Public Adjusters Help with a Hail Claim in Florida?

A Public Adjuster in Florida is the best person to help with a hail claim.
It takes a trained eye to find all of the damages created by hail.

Unlike some other states, hail is not a problem that we see every day in Florida.  However, as we have recently seen, when hail hits it can cause extensive damage to roofs, cars, windows, etc.  As we don’t see hail on a regular basis here in Florida, we are faced with insurance company adjusters and even some public adjusters that are not versed on what to look for and in turn, how to properly adjuster Florida Hail Claims.  Greg Roover, the president of Claim Concepts began his career as a Catastrophe Adjuster and has been deployed and worked major hail storms throughout the US, he knows how to properly identify and document hail damage.

CAUTION:  Beware of roofing / contracting companies that are likely canvasing your neighborhood.  Often they will offer a “free roof” as they claim to be claim experts.  The contracts that many of these types of contractors use is an assignment of benefits.  These are dangerous as you are handing the contractor control of your claim and all proceeds paid by your insurance company.  A Florida Public Adjuster is the only adjuster licensed exclusively to represent policyholders throughout the claim process and we are the only professionals that can represent you other than an attorney.  Any contractor offering to do this type of work may be committing the act of UPPA or Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting which is a felony.

We offer a free claim consultation and inspection with a Florida Public Adjuster.  Upon inspecting your roof and other property we will then explain your damages and discuss the claims process and how we may be able to help with your claim.

Hail stones can fall from the sky at speeds above 100 miles per hour?  Hail storms can and will damage Automobiles, Roofs, Gutters, Siding and even your A/C Condensing unit can become damaged.  In fact, on average hail causes more than $1 billion dollars in damage to properties and crops every year.   Hail damage is not always easy to see unless you know what to be looking for.  Drawing on past experience as a Catastrophe Adjuster, we are able to find and document hail damage where many other adjusters have came and went stating that there is no damage.  We are the best Public Adjusters in Florida to handle your hail damage claim.  Given the opportunity, we will not disappoint!

Why are Public Adjusters the best choice for help with your Florida Hail Damage Claim?

Roofing systems need to be inspected by a roof inspector that has specific training and experience dealing with hail damage to roofs.   It is much different than looking at a roof after a hurricane where there will most likely be missing shingles and damage that is visible from the ground.  Identifying hail strikes that damage a roof can sometimes be difficult to see even when on the roof unless you have experience and know exactly what you are looking for.  Just because you don’t see the hail damage yourself does not mean that you don’t have hail damage.  If you know that hail struck your home, do yourself a favor and have it inspected.

As licensed Public Adjusters we do not charge any upfront costs for our services.  We do offer free damage inspections if you suspect that your home has been damaged by hail or any other peril.  We work on a contingency fee and only get paid when the insurance company makes a payment for your loss.  Therefore, we do not wish to waste our time and will only ever be very upfront and honest with our findings.

What can you do if your Florida hail damage claim was denied or underpaid?

Who can you turn to for help with a hail claim in Florida?  A Florida Public Adjuster is the best suited professional to assist you in recovering the full and fair settlement for your loss.  Whether you have a new claim or your Florida hail damage claim was denied or underpaid it does not mean that you have to sit back and let the insurance company dictate the outcome of your claim.  You have the right to have a professional representing your interests just as the insurance company is going to hire one to protect theirs.  As licensed Florida Public Adjusters that is exactly what we do.  We are hired directly by you, the policyholder and will represent only your best interests throughout the hail damage claim process.

If there has been a hail storm in your area we highly recommend having your property inspected by a qualified Florida Public Adjuster that has experience adjusting hail claims.


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