Smoke Damage Claim?

In a Fire & Smoke Damage Claim the burned and charred items are very obvious, however the Smoke & Soot Damage is often not as obvious and the subject of many insurance claim disputes.

How can a Public Adjuster help with your Smoke & Fire Damage Claim?

As your personal, licensed and bonded Florida Public Adjuster we are the only adjusters that are exclusively licensed to represent the interests of the policyholder throughout the claim process.  Upon filing your claim the insurance company will assign and send out a Staff Adjuster or an Independent Adjuster, don’t be fooled, both of these adjusters work for the insurance company.  The only difference between an Independent Insurance Adjuster and a Staff Adjuster is that the staff adjuster only represents 1 insurance company while an independent adjuster can represent many different insurance companies.

Why are there so many disputes with Fire & Smoke Damage Claims?

Smoke damage claims & Fire Damage Claims should be handled by professional public adjusters with experience handling Fire Damage Claims
Even a small cooking fire like this created smoke damage throughout the entire house.

The main reason that a smoke damage claim is often difficult to resolve is that soot and smoke damage is often not very visible and literally gets everywhere.  One needs to have a good understanding of how smoke and soot travel and how the presence of Smoke & Soot can damage your property in order to fully and completely assess the damages.  The characteristics of Soot can vary greatly based on what the source is, for instance, soot from burning plastics are very acidic and will cause corrosion on many metallic items worse than the soot from burning wood would cause.  The soot and smoke will literally get into every nook and cranny that it can find.  Often times if the smoke and soot get into the attic it can actually fall into the wall cavity and as you can imagine, this is not easy to clean.  Smoke damage remediation and restoration needs to be completed by a qualified contractor as their actions are among the most important in your recovery.

When is it time to get help with your Smoke Damage Claim?

  1. As quickly as possible and most definitely before you begin repairs!
  2. When the insurance companies adjusters tells you they will treat you like their own family!
  3. When the insurance companies adjuster appears very dismissive about your concerns and tells you that everything can be cleaned!
  4. When you mention to the adjuster that you smell smoke and they say that everything smells just fine and looks at you as if you are crazy!
  5. When your adjuster is telling you how easy it is to clean and repair the problem but all the contractors you’ve spoken with are advising you differently!
  6. When you are Fed Up and have had enough of their delays and want to take control of your claim.


Visible fire and smoke damage including soot, ash and discolored materials may be easy to spot.  What concerns us the most is the not so visible but yet very destructive soot damage. Soot which is left behind from a fire can be quite damaging to your home and your families health.  Left untreated it can and usually will get worse over time as the soot eats away at the materials it settles on.

We typically get called when all efforts by the policyholder have already failed, many of our clients have already submitted to their insurance company an appeal letter for underpaid claims and based on our past experience this will often times delay the claim even further.  You do not have to go through this alone.  Public Adjusters exist specifically to assist policyholders like yourself through the claims process.  Most people will hopefully never experience a fire or smoke damage claim and this puts you at a disadvantage when you find yourself in this situation.  The Public Adjusters at Claim Concepts deal with Fire, Soot and Smoke Damage Claims on a regular basis.  We know what needs to be done and we know how to navigate the claims process to a fair and proper resolution.

Florida Public Adjuster Greg Roover
Greg Roover, PA

You have my 100% commitment that we will relentlessly fight to get you every last dollar that you deserve for your claim!  You will not find a team with more passion for helping people than the team at Claim Concepts.  – Greg Roover, President

If you suffer a Smoke or Fire Damage Claim, whether it is a new claim or a Fire Damage Claim that has been underpaid, we can help!  Call 800-801-2099 and speak with a Licensed Public Adjuster about your fire damage claim or smoke damage claim with a complimentary claim review.


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