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Tornadoes are probably one of if not the most horrifying natural disaster that can occur.  Often times there is little to no warning that it is coming your way and here is not much you can do to prepare for a tornado, simply get you and your family  help with a tornado claim to safety.  If you suffer damage due to a Tornado you most likely have severe damage to your property as these storms are extremely powerful and destructive and you may be realizing that you need help with a Tornado Claim.  

The last thing anyone wants to deal with after suffering this type of loss is their tornado damage insurance claim which oftentimes proves to be almost as catastrophic as the storm itself.  Our adjusters know the damages often associated with a Tornado Damage Claim. 

Let us take on the burden of handling your insurance claim while you begin to put your life back together.

Our job at Claim Concepts is to help people like you. As your personal public adjuster near me or private adjuster we know how to help tornado victims.  Our passion and expertise is to put an accurate dollar value on your Tornado Damage Claim and relentlessly fight to recover it from your insurance company.  We don’t work for the insurance company, we work directly for you with ONLY your interests in mind…let us fight for you!

How can a Public Adjuster assist with your Tornado Damage Claim?

Your insurance company employs an adjuster to work on its behalf.  These adjusters are paid and trained  by your insurance company, do they have your best interest in mind?  Insurance companies do not make any money paying claims, actually, the claims division is most likely their largest expense and therefore the easiest place for them to increase their bottom line.

We are State licensed Public Insurance Adjusters.  Greg Roover, the owner of Claim Concepts brings experience working on both sides of the fence, being trained by the Big Insurance Companies he knows how they work, think, and act.  His experience working on both sides has helped many property owners achieve the claim settlement that they deserved.

You probably have enough to deal with right now. Our job includes the preparation of building damage estimates, contents inventory lists, and documenting your other losses. We handle all the tedious tasks of compiling, filing, and settling claims.

Understanding Tornado Damage and Insurance Coverage

1. The Scope of Tornado Damage Tornadoes can cause extensive damage to properties, including structural damage, roof and siding damage, and even complete destruction. Understanding the extent of damage your property has sustained is crucial in preparing your insurance claim.

2. Insurance Policy Review: Your insurance policy is your roadmap. Different policies offer varying levels of coverage for tornado damage. It’s essential to know what is covered, including structural damage, personal belongings, and additional living expenses if your home is uninhabitable.

Tornado Passing By, A Display of Nature's Power

Steps to File a Tornado Damage Claim

1. Immediate Action Post-Tornado Safety first. Ensure that you and your family are safe before assessing the damage. Once safe, document the damage extensively with photos, videos.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company. Promptly inform your insurance provider about the damage. Delays in reporting can affect the claim process.

3. Work with a Public Adjuster like Claim Concepts. An insurance adjuster will be assigned to assess the damage. It’s crucial to be present during this assessment to ensure all damages are accounted for.

4. Keep Records and Receipts Document all communications with your insurance company and keep receipts for any immediate repairs or living expenses incurred due to the tornado.

5. Understand the Settlement Process Be aware of how your insurance company will calculate the settlement. If the offer seems unfair, don’t hesitate to negotiate or seek professional advice.

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Strategize Your Damage Claim with a Public Adjuster Pro

Upon reviewing your case, we will strategize with you on your recommended next steps to ensure your tornado damage claim is progressing toward a fair resolution.


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Get Personalized Support for Your Fire Damage Insurance Claim

Every claim is unique and will be handled as such. We will be by your side throughout the entire process, guiding you toward the settlement that you need and deserve.

Engaging Tornado Damage Claim FAQs

Q1: What types of damage can a tornado cause to a property? Tornadoes can cause various types of damage, including structural damage, roof and siding damage, broken windows, and, in severe cases, destruction of the property.

Q2: What should I do immediately after a tornado damages my home, business or boat? Ensure your safety first. Once safe, document the damage with photos and videos, and contact your insurance provider to report the damage.

Q3: How do insurance companies assess tornado damage? Insurance companies send an adjuster to assess the damage. They will evaluate the extent of the damage and estimate the repair cost.

Q4: Can I dispute the settlement offered by my insurance company? If you believe the settlement offer is unfair, you can dispute it. Consider consulting with a public adjuster or an attorney specializing in insurance claims.

Q5: What should I include in my documentation for the insurance claim? Include detailed photos and videos of the damage, a list of damaged or lost items, receipts for any immediate repairs or additional living expenses, and records of all communications with your insurance company.

Follow this link for more information and Facts about tornados and the ranking of Tornado Risk by State.

Ominous Tornado, Portraying Its Powerful Presence

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Greg Roover - Owner and Public Adjuster at Claim Concepts: Leading the Way in Insurance Claims Assistance
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Absolutely wonderful service. I was very pleased with the outcome and the service I received was above my expectations. I will recommend them to anyone in need.

Claim Concept is a phenomenal company.This company and its staff really put their customers first.I would not hesitate to recommend this company and their staff to anyone who needs their service.I have used their service and I am 100%satisfied customer…….H Mclaughlin.

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Greg was most helpful and with his hard work assisted us in dealing with a very difficult insurance company and getting results. Thanks much Greg. Did a great job

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Dealing with your tornado damage claim can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge, preparation, and a seasoned public adjuster you can navigate this process effectively. Remember, understanding your insurance policy, documenting the damage, and timely communication with your insurance provider are key.

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