Looking for a North Port Public Adjuster?

In the event that your home, business, or boat suffers damage whether due to Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, Hail, Tornado, Vandalism, Hurricane, or SinkholeWe Can Help!  Call 800-801-2099 and speak with a North Port Public Adjuster today!

When you file an insurance claim your insurance company is going to send out an adjuster that they pay and have trained to handle the claims on their behalf.  We on the other hand, as your Florida Public Adjuster, are hired directly by you, the policyholder, and will handle your claim with YOUR best interests in mind. 

How can a North Port Public Adjuster in Sarasota County help with your claim?

Every claim is unique and is handled as such, however as your personal North Port Public Adjuster,here are a few of the tasks that we will often perform during the claims process:

  1. Investigate the loss to determine cause and origin while evaluating damages. Our North Port Public Adjusters utilize the latest technology to ensure proper and full claim settlement
  2. Review your policy to determine coverage of the claim.
  3. Prepare a detailed Building Damage Valuation Estimate.
  4. Prepare a Proof of Loss, if requested or required.
  5. Meet with the insurance company adjusters to discuss the loss and scope of the damage.
  6. Meet with Insurance Company “Experts”.
  7. Recommend and engage the proper Experts if and when needed.
  8. Attempt to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company adjuster.
  9. If needed on many claims we will assist you through the Appraisal or Mediation Process either with one of our adjusters or with an outside expert which is determined on a case by case basis.
  10. We will be there with you through the entire claim process with the goal of guiding you and your claim to a satisfactory settlement.

We have a Licensed North Port Public Adjuster in Sarasota County ready and able to assist you with the handling of your insurance claim.  Our #1 goal is to reach the largest settlement possible under your insurance policy.  We work strictly on a contingency basis, we only get paid when you get paid.

North Port Florida is located in the southern portion of Sarasota County.  As of the 2010 Census, North Port had a population of 57,357 which is likely much higher today as many Northerners have been relocating this beautiful Florida Town.

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