How Our Palm Beach County Public Adjuster Increased a Settlement by 435%

The ultimate goal of any Licensed Florida Public Adjuster is to help insurance policyholders get the full and proper settlement for their claims. At Claim Concepts, we are known as the Palm Beach County Public Adjusters that Palm Beach County Public Adjusters with 5-Star ratings consistently produce these results for our clients.

Homeowners in Palm Beach understand that living on the coast can increase the risk of water and storm damage, especially during the hurricane season. When it comes to their insurance policies, they may not always understand the intricacies of the coverage and how the policy wording applies to their damages. That’s where our Palm Beach County Public Adjuster Team can help.

We are proud of the results we have achieved for our clients in Palm Beach County and across the state of Florida. Below, we highlight just a few of our successful Claim Stories – and how we do it.


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Like many of our clients, you may have found our site by searching online for “Palm Beach County Public Adjuster” or “Public Adjuster Near Me” But what makes Claim Concepts different is the level of attention and service we provide for our clients, as well as the results we produce. 

Here are just a few examples:

  • 435% increase in settlement offer: This client in North Palm Beach filed an insurance claim after experiencing extensive water and mold damage. The insurance company came back with a settlement offer of about $48,000. The client contacted Claim Concepts and our Palm Beach County Public Adjuster went right to work, carefully reviewing their policy, the damages and the original claim. With our help, the client received a new settlement from the insurance company for more than $200,000 – an increase of 435% over the original offer.
  • 642% increase in settlement offer: Just up the road in Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida, another client contacted us about a fire damage claim. Before our experts got involved, the insurance company offered a settlement of roughly $9,300 to cover the damage. But upon reviewing the claim in full, we were confident the client could recover more. Sure enough, after our involvement and assisting this client through the Insurance Claim Appraisal Process, the claim ultimately settled for over $60,000 – a 642% increase.
  • 231% increase in settlement offer: As we mentioned above, we are known throughout the state of Florida, not just as a Palm Beach County Public Adjuster. This was an interesting case just north of Palm Beach County in Port St. Lucie. An Insurance Company defense attorney hired us to fight his claim after experience losses due to a slab leak against the same insurance company that he typically defended. His insurance company initially offered about $11,000, but with our help, the claim ultimately settled for more than $25,000 – a 231% increase.


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What’s our secret?

Our Public Adjusters have extensive experience that enables us to properly investigate and present your loss to recover the full settlement for your insurance claim. Our team includes past Insurance Company Adjusters, Insurance Restoration Contractors, Mold Assessors and Inspectors, for a combined 50+ years of experience in the claims industry. 

Our team of Palm Beach Public Adjusters possess a unique and well-rounded skillset which has proven to be instrumental in recovering settlements far beyond our clients expectations.

If you are searching for the BEST “Public Adjuster West Palm Beach” or “Palm Beach County Public Adjuster,” call Claim Concepts today at 800-801-2099 for a free claim consultation. 

Greg Roover

Owner of Claim Concepts

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