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As you may already be aware, trying to handle your own insurance claim can be extremely frustrating and often times prove to be unproductive.  Our team of seasoned Florida Panhandle Public Adjustersare ready to help in the event that your home or business suffers damage whether due to Hurricane Fire, or Water Damage! You don’t have to sit back and let the insurance company and their adjusters dictate the outcome of your insurance claim.  The team at Claim Concepts has decades of experience in all aspects of the insurance claims industry, we know how to properly investigate, estimate and ultimately recover the maximum settlement available under your insurance policy.  As licensed yourPanama City Public Adjusters we will fight to ensure you receive the claim settlement that you rightfully deserve!

When you file an insurance claim your insurance company is going to send out an adjuster that they pay and have trained to handle your claim according to their companies claim handling guidelines, this does not always work out well for the policyholder.  As Public Adjusters, we are hired directly by you, the policyholder and exclusively represent you and your best interests throughout the claim process.  Our #1 priority is to ensure that you recover the full and proper settlement available under all coverages of your insurance policy.
There are 3 classifications of adjusters but there is only one that is able to be retained by the insured.  The representative of the insurance company should be either an IA (Independent Adjuster) or a Staff Adjuster.  An Independent Adjuster works as a subcontractor with the option to work for several different insurance companies, whereas a Staff Adjuster is a direct employee and only works for the one insurance company that employs them.  A Florida Public Adjuster is the only adjuster or person other than an attorney that is licensed to exclusively represent Policyholders throughout the claim process.  When choosing a Public Adjuster to represent you, do some research as they are not all the same.  You can search licensing data which will give you an idea of the experience the adjuster has and also be careful of anyone that gives you claim advice without first asking to review your policy.  They are probably not very seasoned as all policies are different and items covered under one policy can be excluded on the next.

Many contractors and unlicensed “Loss Consultants” will claim that they can help with your claim, not only are they not qualified to help you but they are also committing UPPA (Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting) which is a felony in the State of Florida.

All claims are unique and need to be handled as such, as your Florida Public Adjusters we will often do some if not all of the following:

  1. Investigate the loss to determine cause and origin while evaluating damages.
  2. Review your policy to determine coverage of the claim. Panama City Public Adjuster - Florida Panhandle Public Adjusting Firm
  3. Prepare a detailed Building Damage Valuation Estimate.
  4. Prepare a Proof of Loss, if requested or required.
  5. Meet with the insurance company adjusters to discuss the loss and scope of the damage.
  6. Meet with Insurance Company “Experts”.
  7. Bring in our own team of Experts if needed.
  8. Attempt to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company adjuster.
  9. We assist many clients throughout the Appraisal and Mediation processes. 
  10. We will be there with you through the entire claim process with the goal of guiding you and your claim to a satisfactory settlement.

Our team of Seasoned and Licensed Panama City Public Adjuster are ready and able to assist you with the handling of your insurance claim.  Our #1 goal is to reach the largest settlement possible under your insurance policy.  We work strictly on a contingency basis, we only get paid when you get paid.

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Speak to one of our seasoned Public Adjusters. Our team members will discuss your situation in detail and review any claim documents that you have available.

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Upon reviewing your current situation, we will strategize with you on your recommended next steps to ensure your claim is moving toward a fair resolution.

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Every claim is unique and will be handled as such. In most cases, once we are engaged we will schedule a meeting at the loss for us to inspect and document all of your damages.