Panhandle Public Adjusters Helping With Hurricane Michael Claims

Florida Panhandle Public Adjuster help with Hurricane Michael claims Hurricane Michael victims are facing what is going to be a challenging journey towards recovery.  Surviving the storm itself is only the beginning, now the insurance claims and rebuilding process begins.  Many business owners and homeowners are going to encounter what will likely be an extremely challenging experience while attempting to deal with their insurance claim without professional assistance.  Unfortunately, it is never as easy as the TV commercial make it out to be.  We are offering Complimentary Claim Consultations with a Licensed Florida Public Adjuster to Business Owners and Homeowners throughout the Florida Panhandle.

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What should you expect with your Hurricane Michael Claim?

Hurricane Michael claims in the Florida Panhandle are going to be complex, to say the least.  We are expecting the insurance companies to handle the claims in a similar fashion as they did with Hurricane Irma that devastated the Florida Keys last year.  This is cause for concern.   The insurance company’s adjuster will most likely be an independent adjuster (independent contractor, can work for several different companies) from out of town as there are simply too many claims for any company to handle with their in-house adjusters.  These independent adjusters (often referred to as CAT Adjusters), are handed multiple claims (sometimes in the hundreds) to handle and are forced to work extremely long hours and no days off.  Their main job at this point is to photograph your loss and gather information necessary to prepare a preliminary estimate of your damages.  As nice and caring as these adjusters may seem, they still do have a job to do and will adjuster your claim as instructed by the insurance company.  As Licensed & Bonded Florida Panhandle Public Adjusters, we are the ONLY adjusters that are exclusively licensed to represent your interests in the claim.  It is illegal for any person, other than a Public Adjuster or Attorney to represent your claim to your insurance company – BE CAREFUL as many people will offer these services but it is considered the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting and it is not legal, this applies to General Contractors as well.  

How does it work when hiring a Public Adjuster, and how do they get paid?

As Florida Panhandle Public Adjusters we handle all aspects of your claim to ensure that you recover every last dollar possible under your policy.  Public Adjusters are keeping insurance companies honest by ensuring that the policyholder recovers an equitable settlement for all of their damages.  Every claim is unique and will be handled a bit differently but we will often do some if not all of the following for our clients: Investigate the loss, review your policy, prepare a detailed building damage valuation estimate, assist in preparing a list of damaged personal property, prepare and submit Proof of Loss Forms when necessary, meeting with adjusters and/or insurance company experts, bring in our network of experts when needed, and ultimately assist in negotiating a timely and equitable settlement for your claim.  The best part is that there are no upfront fees as we work on a small contingency fee which is based on a percentage of what is recovered from the insurance company, meaning that we only get paid when you do.  We are the Insurance Claim Experts that you want in your corner.

Why should I hire a Public Adjuster?

In the image to the right, you will see the results of a study commissioned by Citizens Insurance on Florida Public Adjusters.  The study conducted by the Office of Florida Panhandle Public Adjusters will help with Hurricane Michael claim settlements Program and Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA) evaluated both daily claims and hurricane-related claims during the busy Hurricane Season of 2005.  The results were likely NOT what Citizens hoped to see as the study proved the value of having a Public Adjuster to represent your interests throughout the claim.  The results concluded that during the 2005 Hurricane Season, the policyholders that Florida Public Adjusters represented recovered on average 747% more than policyholders that tried to handle the claim on their own.

To put it in perspective, you wouldn’t send your financials to the IRS and let them prepare your tax return, would you?  Of course not as it is obvious that they are not looking out for your best interest.  We are the claim experts that will look out for your interests and ensure that you recover the maximum settlement for all of your losses while relieving you of the headaches often associated with insurance claims.  

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