Looking for a Licensed Public Adjuster? (aka ‘Private Adjuster’)

We Can Help You Recover Every Dollar You Deserve for Your Claim

If you’ve experienced a property loss, hiring a public adjuster (sometimes referred to as a private adjuster) can help you recover the full and proper settlement for your insurance claim.

Dealing with adjusters from your insurance company can be intimidating. And most homeowners do not realize when their insurance claim is inaccurate, resulting in an unfair settlement. Nor do they know how to properly combat this issue when they do realize it.

Hiring a public adjuster, who does not work for the insurance carrier, can help you recover every dollar you deserve for your claim, while also making the claims process easier, faster and hassle-free.

Here’s everything you need to know.



What Is Private Adjuster?

Private adjusters are another term for public adjusters. They are licensed insurance claim adjusters who assess claims on behalf of the policyholder (you), rather than the insurance company.

These adjusters are hired by individuals and businesses to handle the claims process. Since they are hired independently, they serve the interests of the insurance policyholder, rather than the insurance company, ensuring that claims for damages are accurately documented and presented to seek a full and proper settlement.


Staff Adjuster vs. Public Adjuster vs. Independent Adjuster

There are several types of adjusters that can play a role in processing an insurance claim for losses at your home or business. And the terms for each adjuster can be misleading.

Here are the differences:

Staff Insurance Adjusters

This type of adjuster is a paid employee of the insurance company and does not work for the policyholder.

Independent Adjusters

An independent adjuster also works for an insurance company, not the policyholder. The term “independent adjusters” refers to the fact that they are hired as independent contractors and will often work for numerous insurance carriers, rather than being in-house staff.

Private / Public Insurance Adjuster

A licensed public insurance adjuster works on behalf of the public —you, the policyholder—to perform a thorough evaluation of the claim, oversee the claims process and ensure you recover the settlement that you are entitled to. “Public” and “private” are sometimes used interchangeably by homeowners, but the actual licensed title is “Public Adjuster.”


Why Hire An Outside Adjuster?

Regardless of what company you get your insurance from or how much you love your insurance carrier, there are several important advantages to hiring a public insurance adjuster.

When dealing only with the insurance company’s adjuster, you don’t have anyone looking out for your interests. But with a public adjuster, you have a trained professional fighting on your behalf throughout the entire process.

Here are some of the benefits:

1) Recover Every Dollar You Deserve For Homeowners Insurance Claims

You may think you have the best insurance provider, but that doesn’t mean the company will voluntarily pay you the maximum amount for your claim. A private adjuster or public adjuster will thoroughly evaluate and estimate your damage and relentlessly fight to ensure you recover a fair and equitable settlement for your covered losses.

2) Faster, Simpler Claims Process

As the policyholder, you shouldn’t have to worry about cutting through all the red tape to get your claim paid fairly. A private adjuster handles all the paperwork and communication for you. This will help eliminate stress, as you will have peace of mind knowing that a professional is handling the entire insurance claim process for you.

3) No Upfront Costs

The fees for our services are contingency based and are equal to a small percentage of the amount the claim settles for. In other words, we don’t get paid until your claim gets paid. There are no upfront costs for our services. This is how you know we’re fighting to get you the payout you deserve for your claim.


Why Choose Claim Concepts For Insurance Appraisals and Adjustment?

Our team of licensed public adjusters can help you recover a full and proper settlement for your claim. With more than 40 years’ combined experience, our public insurance adjusters know how to properly handle even the most complex of both residential and commercial insurance claims.

Having previously worked on “the other side” for the big insurance companies, we know the tactics they use to limit your payout. Now, as public adjusters, we represent YOUR interests as a policyholder. We will relentlessly fight to get you every last dollar that you deserve for your claim!

Free Claim Review With a Florida Public Adjuster

What our clients say…

  • Brent W. AvatarBrent W.

    When you find yourself with such a loss and are unsure of who to trust to help get you back on your feet, look no further than Claim Concepts. It was my first time ever needing to file a claim and knowing who to trust was the biggest concern. I searched numerous adjustors and landed on Claim Concepts. Eric ran the point for my case, but the team concept approach they use is fantastic. Very knowledgeable company and took care of us in a time of need. Honesty, integrity, trustworthy and caring. I would recommend them to anyone in need of such services - 4/02/2020 

    Fred L. AvatarFred L.

    Greg was most helpful and with his hard work assisted us in dealing with a very difficult insurance company and getting results.

    Thanks much Greg. Did a great job - 6/19/2017 

    Frances T. AvatarFrances T.

    I am so thankful that I was referred to Greg Roover. He was professional and generous with his time and efforts in dealing with me, my insurance company and my construction people. Without him my loss would have been significantly greater and my recovery would have been delayed and costly. Thanks Greg! - 9/03/2017 

  • Richard B. AvatarRichard B.

    I tried to work with my insurance company due to hurricane roof damage. After frustrating phone calls I decided to look for help. Claim Concepts took over and got me the funds.Thank you. - 4/18/2021 

    Jadon Y. AvatarJadon Y.

    These guys are amazing they will fight for you and make sure even after they're done with their job they still answer questions for you in regards to your insurance claim. I've been battling back-and-forth with my mortgage company trying to release my funds and Eric has been amazing still helping me even though his job has been done. Greg and Eric are an awesome team if I ever need a public adjuster again they will be my number one guys to call no hesitation! - 5/11/2018 

    Poh W. AvatarPoh W.

    My house caught on fire in late March 2019. Initially I tried to deal with insurance adjuster myself but it quickly became too much work for me to handle.Fortunately, my boss was in a similar situation and highly recommended me to talk to Claim Concepts. I contacted Greg Roover (the owner), we had a great conversation and contracted CC to be my public adjuster. I met with Eric Thomas (one of Greg’s associates, super friendly and professional) the next day to previewed my burnt house and went over logistic.4 months later not only did I got my insurance claim approved, Eric managed to get the full insured amount as well. Great Job Claim Concepts! I would highly recommend Claim Concepts especially if you find yourself in a fire or hurricane claim situation. - 11/02/2019 

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