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At Claim Concepts, our clients across Florida often find us by searching in Google for “Public Adjuster near me” or “Public Insurance Adjuster near me.” However, it’s common to assume that your adjuster must be in your hometown to receive service.

In reality, our skilled team of Public Adjusters are licensed to handle claims anywhere within Florida – and that’s exactly what we do. We actively work with policyholders nationwide, helping them get the full and proper settlements for their insurance claims.

As we explain more below, if you’re seeking the “best public adjuster near me,” you’ll likely get the best results by extending your search beyond your immediate city.


Public Adjuster Near Me in Florida – Our Service Area

Licensed in the state of Florida, Claim Concepts represents policyholders statewide:

  • All Florida counties
  • Every city, town, and municipality in Florida
  • Rural, suburban and urban areas
  • Residential and commercial insurance claims anywhere in Florida  

We can’t stress this enough. Our Licensed Public Adjusters travel all over the state of Florida to help policyholders get the settlements they deserve for their insurance claims, no matter where they’re located in the state.

So whether you’re searching for a “Public Adjuster near me in Boca Raton” or “public adjuster near me in Orlando” (or anywhere in between), Claim Concepts is here for you.

Why the ‘Best Public Adjuster Near Me’ Can Be Miles Away

The problem with searching Google for “Public Adjuster near me” is that you could severely limit your search. In any given area of Florida, there will be a limited pool of experienced Public Adjusters. There simply aren’t that many of us. 

Also, this is very important: even if you do find a public insurance adjuster “near me” a few miles from your location, that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. By opening up your search to all “public adjusters in Florida,” you will have far more professionals to choose from, so that you can find the most qualified person.

3 Important Considerations When Searching for ‘Public Insurance Adjuster Near Me”

Some Google searches for “Public Adjuster near me” will show you public adjusters across the state of Florida, particularly if a map is displayed. That’s good news, but as we’ve mentioned, the actual location of the adjuster doesn’t matter since most will be willing to travel all over the state.

What you SHOULD be concerned with is:

  1. Experience of the adjuster
  2. Track record of positive results 
  3. Great feedback, ratings and reviews from clients (particularly on authoritative third-party sites, like Google, Facebook and Better Business Bureau)

Take the time to evaluate each adjuster to ensure you choose an experienced professional who will properly handle your claim.

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