Looking for a Leon County Public Adjuster to Help with Your Claim?

Leon County Public Adjusters help with insurance claims from Hurricane or other perils When dealing with an insurance claim, there are more than one type of adjuster that may be involved.  There are staff adjusters that work exclusively for 1 company, independent adjusters that still work for insurance company’s but can work for several different ones and then there are Public Adjusters that exclusively represent Home and Business owners throughout the claim process.  Claim Concepts is a Boutique Public Adjuster Firm.

Our team of seasoned Leon County Public Adjusters includes former insurance company adjusters, contractors, and inspectors with over 5 decades of experience in the claims industry.  Utilizing our former experience working for the insurance companies, we now put our decades of experience to work for you.  Our main goal is to ensure that you receive the claim settlement that you need, and deserve!  In the event that your home, business or boat suffers damage whether due to Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, Hail, Tornado, Vandalism, Hurricane or Sinkhole– We Can Help!  Call 800-801-2099 and speak with a Leon County Public Adjuster today!

When you file an insurance claim your insurance company is going to send out an adjuster that they pay and have trained to handle the claims on their behalf.  As your personal Leon County Public Adjusterwe work for you, NOT the insurance company.  All claims are unique and need to be handled as such, however, as your Leon County Public Adjusting Firm we will often do most if not all of the following for you:

  1. Investigate the loss to determine cause and origin while evaluating damages.
  2. Review your policy to determine coverage of the claim.

    Our team of Public Adjusters in Leon County help with insurance claims by using high tech tools to document damages. Our Leon County Public Adjusters can see what the others can not by utilizing tools such as Thermal Imaging cameras.

  3. Prepare a detailed Building Damage Valuation Estimate.
  4. Prepare a Proof of Loss, if requested or required.
  5. Meet with the insurance company adjusters to discuss the loss and scope of the damage.
  6. Meet with Insurance Company “Experts”.
  7. Bring in our own team of Experts if needed.
  8. Attempt to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company adjuster.
  9. If needed on many claims we will assist you through the Appraisal or Mediation. Process either with one of our adjusters or with an outside expert which is determined on a case by case basis.
  10. We will be there with you through the entire claim process with the goal of guiding you and your claim to a satisfactory settlement.

We have a Licensed Leon County Public Adjuster ready and able to assist you with the handling of your insurance claim.  Don’t settle for less than you deserve!  We will fight to ensure you receive the full and proper settlement for your claim. 

We have a Licensed Leon County Public Adjuster ready to assist you with the handling of your insurance claim.   We work strictly on a contingency basis, meaning that there are no upfront costs for our services and we only get paid when you get paid.  You don’t have to go through this alone, we are the experts to help you through this process.

Our Leon County Public Adjusters are ready to assist with your insurance claim in all Leon County cities including but not limited to: Bradfordville, Miccosukee, Capitola, Fort Braden, Meridian, Tallahassee, and Woodville.  We are able to assist you with your insurance claim with our Public Adjusting, Insurance Appraisal, and Insurance Estimating Services.