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Our team of licensed Osceola County Public Adjusters know how to properly investigate, estimate and ultimately recover the maximum claim settlement for even the most complex of residential and commercial insurance claims.  Our team includes Past Insurance Company Adjusters, Insurance Restoration Contractors, & Mold Inspectors with over 50 years of experience in the claims industry Most importantly, you will not find a more passionate, experienced, and capable team to entrust your insurance claim with. 

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Osceola Public Adjuster help with insurance claim

The choice to hire a Public Adjuster in Osceola County at the time of a loss will prove to be a very wise investment.  Whether your home, business or boat suffers damage due to Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, Hail, Tornado, Vandalism, HurricaneSinkhole or any other Peril, we can help!

A Florida State Study Proved that utilizing the services of a Florida Public Adjuster, on average, recovered over 500% more than insureds that did not retain a public adjuster to assist with their loss.  These results were based on ‘non-catastrophe’ or daily claims which means they were claims due to Fire, Water, Lightning, etc… The results for insureds with ‘Catastrophe’ claims or Hurricane Claims, where much higher.  The study found that during the 2005 Hurricane Season, insureds that chose to retain a Florida Public Adjuster to represent their claim, recovered over 700% more than those insureds that did not retain the services of a qualified and licensed Florida Public Adjuster.  Here is a link the OPPAGA report documenting the benefits of retaining a Osceola County Public Adjuster.

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When you file an insurance claim your insurance company is going to send out an adjuster that they pay and have trained to handle the claims their way.  Do not be fooled if their Insurance Adjuster refers to themselves as “Independent Adjusters” as this simply means that they are able to work for several different insurance companies and not just one.  A Florida Public Adjuster is the only licensed Adjuster that will exclusively represent your interests as a policyholder.  No other adjuster or contractor can provide the services that a Florida Public Adjuster can provide, the only other person that is allowed to represent you throughout a claim would be an attorney.  We do not work for any insurance companies, we only work for the Florida Policyholders.  We are the experts that know how to properly assist you in an effort to recover largest available settlement for all of your losses.

We have a Licensed Osceola County Public Adjuster standing by to assist you with the handling of your insurance claim.   We work strictly on a contingency basis, we only get paid when you get paid.  You don’t have to go through this alone, we are the experts to help you through this process.

Free Claim Consultation with a Licensed Florida Public Adjuster in Osceola County!

Our Central Florida Public Adjusters are ready to assist with your insurance claim in all Osceola County cities, including but not limited to: Campbell, Celebration, Champions Gate, Intercession City, Kenansville, Kissimmee Public Adjuster, Poinciana, Reunion and St Cloud Public Adjusters.  We are able to assist you with your insurance claim with our Public Adjusting, Appraisal and Insurance Estimating Services.

You do not have to sit back and allow your insurance company and their adjusters to dictate the outcome of your claim.  We want to fight for you!  Speak with one of our Osceola County Public Adjusters and learn how to take back control of your claim today!


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