If you have had an insurance claim or are currently working on one with your insurance company, you have undoubtedly questioned if you are being treated fairly and if not, what can you do about it?  Retaining a qualified Public Adjuster may be the right answer for you.  As State Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters we have had excellent results in recovering settlements from the insurance companies far above what they originally offered and our clients expectations.  Here are a few cases that we worked on:

Public Adjuster Proven Results

As you can see, public insurance adjuster results speak for themselves.  These are actual cases we handled.  Of course we can not guarantee that you will have the same or similar results.  We have many more case studies available and testimonials from clients available upon request.

We handle cases like these on a daily basis.  If you have suffered a loss of any type please don’t just sit back and let the insurance company dictate how and what they are going to pay for.  You pay for a policy and deserve a fair settlement in the event of a loss to your property.

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Don’t be a victim twice!  If you have suffered damage to your property contact one of our adjusters today to discuss your situation and ensure that you are not settling for less than you deserve.