Slab Leaks create water damage claims

What is a Slab Leak Claim?

A Slab Leak Claim refers to an insurance claim due to a pipe that has broken or is leaking underneath the slab of your home or business.  Slab Leaks are typically found in copper pipes and many times they are very small holes, however, when dealing with pressurized lines even a small hole can release a significant amount of water in a very short time.  These slab leaks can and usually are difficult to locate as you will often times not see any water or you may notice water coming up in certain areas which are sometimes not even close to where the actual slab leak is located.  These types of leaks often times require the use of a Leak Detection Company to pinpoint the exact location of the leak as they have the proper equipment that allows them to locate the leaks without causing additional damage to property.  Prior to visible damage, many people claim that they heard the sound of water running, felt warm tiles under their feet or noticed higher water bills.  Eventually, that leaking water will come up and cause damage to your property.  The cost of the actual ‘plumbing repair’ is minimal compared to the cost of the leak detection, accessing the damaged pipe and bringing the property back to its pre-loss condition.  As with all water damage claims, the damage often will extend past what is visible.

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Most people ‘assume’ that they have coverage under their insurance policy for this type of loss.  You are not wrong to think that, however, there are many variables that can come into play.  The insurance adjuster working for the insurance company will have many questions, for example: what damages were found?  How long has it been leaking?  Would it be feasible to simply reroute the plumbing?  The way these questions are answered will determine how and if they will pay for this loss.  I have seen many of these types of claims get grossly underpaid or simply denied.  Even more so than your typical water damage claims, a slab leak claim is very complex and requires professional representation.

Upon filing a claim, your insurance company will hire or assign their professional adjuster as their representative for the claim, you have the right to do the same.  These professionals are referred to as Public Insurance Adjusters.  If you have damage to your property whether it’s from water, fire, lightning, sinkholes, etc., it is highly recommended to bring in a Public Adjuster from the onset of the loss to avoid any future problems that may arise when attempting to handle the claim yourself.
Insurance company adjusters are trained by the insurance company they represent, do you trust that they have your best interests at heart?  As state licensed Florida Public Adjusters we work directly for you, the insured and will handle your claim with only your best interests at heart.

We offer a free claim evaluation for anyone that has property damage or has had an insurance claim where they don’t feel they were compensated fairly.

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