Did you file a Tropical Storm Isaac Damage Claim in Florida?

Most Florida residents would agree that we got lucky with Tropical Storm Isaac as it was a Tropical Storm and NOT a hurricane, as we all feared.  As we all felt the impacts, there was a lot of wind and tons of rain during this event.  If you suffered damage and are considering filing a Tropical Storm Isaac Damage Claim in Florida, you are not alone.

Our team of Public Insurance Adjusters is already taking calls and setting appointments throughout the State of Florida to help people who suffered Tropical Storm Isaac Damage Claims in Florida.  If you have damage to your property and would like professional representation to assist you in recovering the maximum settlement available under your policy, contact us today.  If your damages are caused by flooding, there are tight timelines on the filing and presenting of your claim. Time is not on your side.  We are the experts to help get you back to your pre-loss condition.

 Why Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Upon filing a claim with your insurance company, they will send an adjuster to investigate and estimate the damages to your property.  These adjusters are paid and trained by the Insurance company they represent; whose best interest do you think they have at heart?  As Public Insurance Adjusters, we work directly for you, the policyholder, and represent ONLY your interests throughout the claim process.  We Level the Playing Field!