Vandalism Claims are one of the most unique types of claims that we handle.

Vandalism claims typically show their face first with graffiti on the structure.  Many property owners will just keep painting over the graffiti not realizing the extent of the damage to their property.

Many times vandals, taggers, gang members or even just groups of trouble making teenagers will cause damage which is way more than even they intended.  Many times along with the graffiti will come drinking and accessing the roof if possible on a commercial structure.  With the drinking comes broken bottles which can now puncture the roof membrane as well as damage to air conditioner units.

Vandalism claims that often look like a $100 painting loss can turn into tens of thousands of dollars or even more.  Before you ever paint over the evidence call out a professional to evaluate your loss and see if it goes beyond the obvious, call us.

As State Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters we assist you through the claim process.  The insurance company pays and trains their adjusters to represent them in the field, you deserve the same representation.  We level the playing field!

If you suspect that your property has been vandalized we would like to offer you a complimentary inspection and claim consultation.