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Why should I hire a Public Adjuster when my Insurance Company sends an adjuster?

Many independent & staff adjusters have experience and the best of intentions. However, their reports still need to be accepted by the insurance company they work for.  This is not always that easy as each insurance company has different claims handling guidelines; their estimates and reports must meet their guidelines, or they get sent back.  Trusting that their adjuster is always going to have your best interest at heart is similar to trusting the IRS to prepare your tax returns instead of hiring your own Accountant to handle these important matters for you.

In a perfect world, there would not be such a high demand for public adjusters as there is today. The reason is that insurance companies do not make money by paying claims!

why hire a public adjuster? You need to have someone experienced looking out for your best interests.
We see what the other adjuster miss by using the latest technology to our clients advantage.

Insurance company adjusters are paid and trained by the insurance company; who’s best interest do they really have at heart?

If you are still questioning Why hire a Public Adjuster, remember that unlike Staff Adjuster and Independent Adjuster, Public Insurance Adjusters are the only Adjusters who are licensed to represent You, the insured, Exclusively.  To put it simply, we level the playing field.

In the event that you, a friend, relative, neighbor, or coworker ever suffers a loss due to Fire, Water, Storms, Floods, Vandalism, etc….do them or yourself a favor and make sure they are properly represented in the end, you will be thankful.

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